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It's been nearly nine months since I published my last book. Many months more since I sat down with the spark of inspiration to write anything new. Longer than even that since I looked at the drafts of novels still waiting to be finished.

But these past few days, I've been back in a town that's felt like home since Annie first introduced herself in GOLD IN THE DAYS OF SUMMER, where Lia wrote her heart out to a stranger in THE LAST LETTER, and where Lilac fell in love again and again and again in LILAC IN WINTER.

This town that is like a character itself has been imprinted in my mind since the very beginning--weaving a delicate web in my characters' lives as the one constant through the decades.

Now, I'm going back to the beginning with an orphaned teenager named Janie who just wants to find her way back to a home that never existed...only to find that home is where she finds herself.

I can't wait to share Book 4 with you. Over the next few years, I'll be finishing and rolling out the rest of these interconnecting novels...

Book Five: Before he was Annie's neighbor in GOLD IN THE DAYS OF SUMMER and Lia's doctor in THE LAST LETTER, he was a man with everything to lose... Get to know the soldier's story in the new novella available Fall 2020.

Book Six: Nathan gets his chance to share his story in a sequel to LILAC IN WINTER.

Book Seven: Lilac's crazy Aunt Maggie runs away with a plan to join the circus in the late 1930s. No, really. THE CIRCUS.

Book Eight: I'm leaving this magical town behind and crossing the pond in The Damn Novel (actual title TBA)--over ten years now in the writing and the story closest to my heart.

I'm so excited to be diving back into the magic of writing again, the wonder of words. I can't wait to continue this beautiful journey with you.

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