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4-0, Let's Go!

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It's raining outside--the sky is grey and cloud-covered and it's pretty dismal out--but there is sunshine in my soul. Today is my birthday. I'm turning 40. It's not just an age. It's not just a number. It's life that I'm celebrating now, and I feel so incredbly grateful and so unbelieveably lucky.

I've basically been celebrating all week already, but with reason. To understand exactly what today means to me is to understand everything I've experienced, everything I've lost, everything I've healed, and everything I've created.

Eleven years ago, my health was failing, my spirit dimming, and my life fell apart...but I survived (and then survived and survived again).

Two years ago, dreams shattered, my heart broke, and everything turned upside down...but I persisted.

This past year, I was challenged, tested, and tried...but I grew.

Now a new life is manifesting within me and before my very eyes, peace and joy are a near-constant in my heart, and love is everywhere...and I'm grateful.

I'll put it simply: I'm here, and I'm happy.

4-0 LET'S GO!


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