Welcome to Montours City!

It's the town where Annie panned for gold in the creek in 1979 and turned to her veteran neighbor as a friend and confidante in Gold in the Days of Summer. It's the place where Lia's world was shattered as she struggled to shape her own identity in the midst of chronic illness at the turn of the new century in The Last Letter. It's the contemporary home in which Lilac dreamed a life she'd never get to live in Lilac in Winter...

Now we're going back to the past with seventeen-year-old Janie, a runaway trying to find her way home. No one knows her secrets in the town of Montours City. If Janie is going to make it back to her brother, she needs to keep it that way. But when a hard-hearted widow, a boy in a boxcar, and a dog named Panda weave their way into her life, Janie begins to wonder if the town in which she stops to catch her breath hasn't already captured her heart.

Now you can explore the town of Montours City!

Montours City is a charming Victorian river town nestled in the Montours Mountains. Wedged between scenic mountain and flowing river, our town uniquely honors the past while embracing all the potential the future has to offer!

If you're just stopping through, have your vehicle tuned up at the local auto repair shop, pick up some sugary sweets at the bakery, or enjoy a longer stay at one of our fine boarding houses.

We invite you to explore family, friendships, and romance in our growing town!

Don't forget to meet the citizens of Montours City--from original residents to the newly-arrived!


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