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The Craftsman

Perfect for writers looking to focus on and practice their craft with or without the confines of a novel, the Craftsman Package looks at the specific elements of a narrative to learn how to develop and strengthen your writing skills. Useful as an educational tool, we'll experiment with point of view, play with world-building and setting, and discover that even your secondary characters have a story. We'll have a little fun, get a little creative, and strengthen your skills...and your confidence. 

Choose from one of the listed session topics or create your own!

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: $75

Points of View
The director of a movie is a lot like the narrator of a book: both have specific points of view that best tell the story. In the first-person point of view, we zoom in on one character's life with limited knowledge based on what they alone see, hear, and feel. In third person, we pull back to get the big picture--knowledge can be as limited or vast as you decide, and other perspectives can be introduced. As a writer, it's up to you to decide how you want to tell your story. But how do you choose?  In this session, we'll experiment with points of view by playing with perspective to discover what feels the most natural to you.

World Building

What's the best part of being a writer? Creating. There's nothing like taking the people, places, and ideas inside your head and weaving them into a story that others can share in. What's the hardest part of being a writer? Translating everything from your mind to the page. Whether you're writing high fantasy or historical romance, the setting is what draws the reader from the real world into yours. In this session, we'll discuss what setting can do for your characters, how it can be a character itself, and how it creates the mood for the rest of your book. We'll play with fictional versus real-world settings and have some fun with world-building exercises that will expand your imagination.

Character Development

Does your character have a British accent, or does it resemble a southern twang? Do they have a vast vocabulary and use concise sentences? Or do they muddle through their words and speak without taking a breath? These seemingly minor details play a large role in defining your characters while drawing the reader further into your story. In this session, we'll talk about bringing your characters to life using dialogue and dialect and discover that even the most minor characters come from somewhere.

Create Your Own

Create your own session to help hone your craft!

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