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You’ve got villains that cackle and heroes that sing--metaphorically, of course. Yeah, you’ve got plenty of metaphors in there, too. You’ve crafted bold cliffhangers, steered your way through conflict, and laid claim to the perfect ending.


So, what's next?


Finishing a draft is an accomplishment in and of itself, and your work deserves more than to be relegated to the back of an empty drawer once the final word's been written. We'll make sure you keep that creative fire going as we help you take your manuscript from good to great. Our editorial development packages are education-focused and highlight the novel elements that can strengthen your plot and add depth to your story. We'll personalize each session to meet your specific needs so that you can work through problem areas with ease and confidence while acquiring the tools for your next book...


...and the one after that, and the one after that, and the one after that...


You've written the words.


Let's bring your story to life.

Outline Development

Want to know a secret? Outlines can be fun. It’s true--working with outlines in fiction can be just as creatively rewarding as writing the draft itself, with the added benefits of identifying potential problem areas before they arise. Whether the first draft has already been written or you’re still in brainstorming mode, we’ll take a look at the many types of outlines to determine which one works best for you and how it can strengthen your story. We’ll uncover potential plot holes, take a second look at structure and flow, fill in character gaps, and add details to enhance your story. Just starting out? We’ll keep the creativity flowing strong by helping you visualize what you want your story to be and where you want it to go.



In literary fiction, character is one of the most important elements of the novel because of how they show us our strengths, our flaws, and our humanity. Not only does the character guide the story, but the character is what relates the reader to the story itself. But what does it mean to have a strong character and how do you create one that’s memorable? We’ll discover the importance of fully developing your character and discover how to give them depth, layers, and originality so that they further appeal to your readers while enhancing your story. Your characters are about to embark on an incredible journey in your book. Let’s equip them with everything they need to get through it.



In Aristotle’s Poetics, plot is described as the events that comprise a story, complete with a beginning, middle, and an end tied together by a central theme. According to the Greek philosopher, it’s the most important element of any fiction narrative: without plot, there isn’t a story. But plot doesn’t have to be a scene by scene action adventure like the Bourne series, nor does it have to be an epic tale of battles like The Lord of the Rings.  So what is plot, exactly, and how do you know your story has one? We’ll determine how to further develop your plot’s originality and create a story that’s uniquely your own. We’ll uncover your central and secondary plots and find out what outlining can do to fix problem areas. 

For mansucript editing and proofreading inquiries, please contact me directly.

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