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I've had the honor of helping authors nuture their books from draft to finished product over the course of the past fifteen years. From full-story ghostwriting to manuscript editing and proofreading, here is a small sampling of the dozens of projects I've worked on...

For mansucript editing and proofreading inquiries, please contact me directly.


"Susan Pogorzelski is my go-to person for editing and proofreading my novels. She's done five manuscripts, and I plan on using her services for many more! She's got an eagle eye and spots things that I'd never have caught myself. I value her knowledge of grammar and punctuation, but she also makes changes based on flow and readability. She is professional, thorough, and speedy with her edits! 


One thing that sets her apart is her genuine love of story. She leaves lots of comments about her thoughts and impressions while reading the book, and it's so much fun for me as an author to read these! It's so encouraging and motivating!”

- January Daphne

"Susan's editing prowess was invaluable to my writing process. Her detailed analysis on both a technical and story level was a tremendous asset. I highly recommend her services to anyone seeking help with the writing and publishing process."


- Christopher Hall

"Susan helped guide my book from draft to final product. She was amazing at editing and offering suggestions for ways to improve the product. She definitely knows her stuff and I would recommend her to anyone that needs editorial or writing expertise. Thank you Susan!"

- Jonathan Mead

"When I decided to self publish my memoir after a successful Kickstarter campaign, I turned to Susan for advice on how to proceed with the many layers involved with self publishing.  Her insight and research helped me to make smart, financially sound decisions so that I could properly invest my Kickstarter funds by using the majority of funds for printing copies of the book versus spending the money on avoidable fees.  Her background and expertise made me confident in my choice to self publish and I look forward to working with her again on my next book."


- Brenda Lee Seiglitz

"Susan encouraged me to expand my story by bringing my characters alive with more 'show not tell.' As my mentor through several 'final versions,' she truly deserves high-fives!"


- Romaine Hoffman

"Susan's positive, optimistic attitude is infectious. Because she has a more nurturing rather than critical attitude, Susan always made the students comfortable with opening up their writing to suggestions..."


- Alyssa Davis

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