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The Storyteller

Have a partial or completed manuscript and not sure how to keep going? The Storyteller Package is perfect for writers who are stuck in the middle or stumped at the end of their story. We'll go back to the beginning and rediscover what your story is really about, brainstorm ways to add more depth and complexity, and identify your strong points while finding ways to strengthen your weaknesses. We'll work together to approach your book with a fresh outlook and renewed passion and discover why storytelling is the most powerful tool there is.

Choose from one of the listed session topics or create your own!

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: $75

The Heart of the Matter

Once the complex elements and overarching themes of a book are stripped away, we come back to the root of all fantastical quests and introspective tales of adolescence: the story. Without the dragons, wizards, and orcs, Bilbo Baggins was just a man (er, hobbit) venturing from the comforts of his home and into the unknown world. Remove the angst and "phoniness" of Holden Caulfield's world and he is just a boy searching for his own identity. In this session, we'll remove the details and get down to the bare-bones of your story. We'll unravel the layers and examine what you're really saying so that you can refocus your writing and renew your vision.

Story Elements

Character. Setting. Plot. Structure. Voice. These five elements are the foundation for every good story, and it's only when we build upon them that a book comes to life. So how do you know when you've got it right and when to keep building? Now that we've unearthed your story, we'll get back to the basics and define the elements of your novel. Then, we'll take a closer look at each of these key points and pinpoint what's working...and what isn't.

The Turnaround

Are you having trouble describing your scenes? Is your dialogue stiff and unrealistic? Does your plot have too many holes? Are your characters a little too perfect? Every memorable character in fiction comes with their own set of flaws. It's what makes them relatable. It's what makes them real. Just like our characters, every writer has strengths and weaknesses that require nurturing and practice. In this session, we'll identify your trouble spots and find ways to turn them into strengths.

Create Your Own

Create your own session to help us bring your story to life!

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