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The Writer

Perfect for beginning writers or those looking to turn their love of words into a career, The Writer Coaching Sessions will help you understand the nature of the business, learn how to balance your personal and professional life with "the writer's life," and set realistic goals for you and your project. Together, we'll figure out what's hindering your progress and determine what you can change to get the words flowing again.

Choose from one of the listed session topics or create your own!

Duration: 1 hour | Cost: $75

Passion & Purpose

You might be a writer if... It's the beginning of a meme that applies to a thousand other professions, but for writers the response is simple: you love to write. But what about writing do you love? Do you love the intimacy of sharing your innermost thoughts with the world? Do you get a rush building worlds and spinning stories? Do words themselves stir your soul? In this session, we'll discuss why you want to be a writer and why you already are one, take a closer look at your goals for the future, and find out what in the present is hindering your progress and what action you can take to overcome it.

Finding Your Path

It feels like a calling. The idea has been building in your mind for months, the characters' voices growing stronger and the places growing more vivid. You have a story, and you need to tell it. You wrote a book, and you want to share it. But we also know that it takes much more than having the inspiration and dedication to make it as a career writer. What does it take to publish a book? What does it mean to be an author? Is there money in fiction? How do you align your goals with real life? In this session, we'll discuss the business side of things and ways you can take your writing from calling to career.

The Writer's Life

We all dream of the writer's life. Who hasn't envisioned spending their days writing from their barn loft, city skyscraper, or seaside retreat? You know that writing is both a business and an art, but how do you find the time for either when your reality consists of a job and a family? You have expenses, you have responsibilities...but you also have your story. In this session, we'll talk about how to align your goals with that of a job and family, discuss practical ways to keep your words flowing, and find out how to incorporate the writer's life into your life.

Create Your Own

Create your own session to help align you to your best creative life!

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