Being Lyme Brave + More!

"My herxes now seem mild in comparison: a few days recovering in bed, some muscle aches that are soothed with baths, words that still don’t come easily but aren’t lost completely. I recognize it now as the price to pay for eradicating the germs from the body—germs that desperately try to cling to their host with everything they’ve got, the herxes serving as one last moment of triumph, begging us to give up and give in.

We’re stronger than that. We’re stronger than the Lyme." My latest essay for Global Lyme Alliance is now available! Check it out here: Being Lyme Brave

"This Lyme community is something truly special. When you cry, someone is there to dry your tears. When you fall, others lift you up. When you feel weak, we’ll remind you that we’re fighting with you. Please don’t ever forget that you have people on your side and that you’re so much stronger than this disease makes you feel. Stay strong. Be brave." A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Lyme warrior Kami Lingren for an author interview on her blog, Living Grace Blog. Check it out for my thoughts on The Last Letter and Lyme Disease: Meet The Author

I also recently had the privilege of speaking with Lyme Ninja Radio about my Lyme story, The Last Letter, and how to heal through writing. Give it a listen here: Lyme Ninja Radio Episode #120

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