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Art as Life

Lately I've been reflecting on the importance of art and culture in the world and in our own lives--how it fuels us and revives us and becomes such a vital part of our very being.

Art is an integral part of my very being. As a writer, words and the pictures they paint are how I express the truest parts of myself, the deepest depths of my heart. In my fiction, I share my very soul--my dreams, my fears, my philosophy that is ever-evolving and growing.

Art, whether it be writing or music or painting, helps us see the world and ourselves through fresh eyes every time we pick up the pen, strike a chord, or hold a paintbrush. We never read the same books twice or listen to the same song with the same understanding or view the same painting with the same eyes because we are constantly transforming within as the world transforms around us. There is alway a deeper concept to understand, a beautiful new takeaway that touches the core of our being each and every time.

Art gets us in touch with ourselves--the very essence of who we are. It surpasses the superficiality of the ego and grips the soul until we are moved to tears or laughter or silence. We remember that we are one with the artist and the art. We are that same creative life force that transform words into worlds, that spin notes into song, that colors the canvas of our world.

We are living a thousand lives within our minds every moment of every day. The beauty of art is that in some way, for the briefest of moments, we get to share that with each other.


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