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The Last Letter: Book Release!

"There's more than one way to be brave..."

Write one last letter. That’s what fifteen-year-old Amelia’s psychologist says when she tells him about her time capsule—a My Little Pony lunchbox she’s buried in the backyard garden after listening to the preacher on the corner shout about the end of times.

One last chance to leave her mark when the world's been shaken to its core by a national tragedy not even the preacher sees coming.

One last story of humanity’s ability to endure, like in all those historical disasters her mother recites like fairytales.

One last reminder of her existence, when her illness has turned her into such a ghost of her former self, one more exhale is all it will take before she disappears completely.

One last letter to tell the world how she’s lived and who she’s loved and what she’s trying to survive.

The Last Letter: A Novel is now available!

Written as a series of letters between 1999 and 2003, The Last Letter: A Novel is a classic coming-of-age tale about Lia Lenelli, a teenage girl struggling to shape her own identity while a chronic illness threatens to tear her world apart.

It's with great excitement, a lot of pride, and a dash of nerves that I send this book into the world. Deeply personal in the writing, The Last Letter is a semi-autobiographical account of my own experiences living with late-stage, Chronic Lyme Disease, including the struggle to find a diagnosis, the complications that come with treating such a complex illness, and the emotional toll that years of fighting for one's own life can take on the soul. For years, this book was the one I turned to when I needed a place to put all those heavy emotions and experiences, and when I felt like I'd lost my voice, the pain too great to tell my story, Lia was there to offer hers.


The Last Letter is now available from all online retailers.

Signed/personalized paperbacks are available for purchase in the online bookstore. Receive a 40% discount using code LNFGUPWJ when purchasing directly from the CreateSpace eStore.

To learn more about the book or my Lyme Disease awareness efforts, including The Last Letter Video Series and the Lost in the Lymelight community, visit the Book Page.

To read more about my experiences writing The Last Letter, check out This Saving Grace.

To read my essay on Lyme and loneliness, in partnership with Global Lyme Alliance, check out Dream Like New.

To learn more about my personal experiences with Lyme Disease, visit Lyme Chronicles.

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